Commission me!

  • Hope this makes sense for everyone ^^;


    • Images are for personal use only (not for commercial use).
    • Feel free to post/show the images anywhere else and to anyone else. All I ask is that you credit me for making it and keep my signature on the piece. If possible, provide a link back to my dA account.
    • Paypal payment only. (Prices above are in U.S. dollars, just btw)
    • I have the right to decline a commission if I do not wish to do it (although I am willing to draw a lot of things, so not that big a deal )
    • No refunds when I've already started your commission. If you have payed for a commission and later decide that you do not want it any longer, I will give you what I have finished so far but no cash back.

    I will draw:

    • Anything ranging from cute to scary, from happy to sad, good to evil. Basically any kind of mood.
    • Humans, all kinds of animals (although the species I'm used to drawing might turn out better), monsters, creatures, angels, demons.
    • Fanart (I'm more inclined to draw fanart of fandoms I know about. But as long as I have a good reference, I will do my best. I also add a copyright of the fandom on the piece along with my own.)
    • Pairings (straight, bi-sexual, yaoi, yuri. )
    • Mild Gore (blood, cuts and bruises. I won't go uber gross like guts spilling out or such)
    • Nudity (16 age rating pretty much. Limbs and objects placed strategically to hide anything too NSFW)
    • Weapons (like knives and guns and such, but I can't guarantee it'll look really amazing ^^; )

    I can't/won't draw:

    • Offensive pieces (anything that degrades a certain group of people or is meant to be a slap in the face to anyone in real life).
    • Morally questionable content
    • Pornographic images (sexualized images are fine, but I won't go over a 16 age rating. Thus no nasty bits showing or anything horribly erotic).
    • Machines (small gadgets are fine, but robots and mechas are not. I can't make these look good >w< )

    Feel free to ask me if you want something that I neglected to mention. I'll let you know if I can do it, but as I said: I am free to decline.

    Steps to take to get a commission:

    • EMAIL ME the kind of image you want and what you would like in it. Provide character references and the price as shown in the above image. (e.g. Character X riding a monster that looks like a creature Y. Pencil line, full-body with a complex background where they are in a jungle by a waterfall. Simple shading.)
    • I will let you know if I can do it and negotiate the price if we have to.
    • I will send you the details to my Paypal and you must pay the full price into it. Send me your Paypal address as well so I can recognize your payment.
    • As soon as you have paid, I will start your commission.
    • When it is done, I will post it to my profile as well and send you a link to the full-download. (if you do not want it posted, I will only send you the link).

    My process:

    • I will continually update on my profile page how far I am with commissions and what state each are in. (paid, plan, sketch, line, colour, shading, done.)
    • It'll take me a while to finish a commission depending on how complex it is. But generally it'll be 1 week (simplest, 1 piece) to 6 weeks (most complicated, multiple pieces). Also keep in mind where you are in the commission list, I work on 'first come first serve'.
    • Depending on the complexity and size of the piece, I will send you WIPs so you can see what it looks like and what you would like to change. Although, I won't make giant changes more than once (like redrawing the whole thing).
    • If I decide to cancel your commission for whatever reason, I will give you what I have done so far, as well as a full refund.
    • If a commission takes much longer than I planned it to, I will let you know ahead of time why that is happening.

    What I need from you:

    • I need a reference/s of a character/s. Links will be very much appreciated.
    • If you do not have any art or links of the character, please make a good description and have some images/descriptions of what they and their clothes would look like.
    • In the case of the character sheet, a detailed description and tons of images would be fantastic, so I can get your character just right. ;P

    How much?
    For those of you who, like me, suck at math, here is how you work out a price.

    Eg: 3 characters, digital line, full-body, coloured, complex background, complex shading.
    (Digital line fullbody: $9 ) + (extra character: [30% = 0.3(1) = 0.3] x 9 = $2.70) + (complex background: [50% = 0.5] x 9 = $4.50) + (complex shading: [30% = 0.3] x 9 = $2.70)
    Thus: $9 + $2.70 + $4.50 +$2.70 = $18.90

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