Unaccepted (Runner)
House-keeping for Mr.Brincks and Orianna
  • Being 'accepted'
  • Writing
  • Runners (or being called one)
  • The cold
  • His scar

This kid is a firm believer that life sucks no matter what you do, and yet he still tries to find those fleeting moments of happiness. A bitter loner, Nolan has been working for a man named 'Brinks' since his Unacceptance. He is extremely obedient and won't stand against authority, even if he doesn't like what he is being told. He is respectful to the Legion and treats other Runners like they mean nothing to him. Despite all this, he is kind and caring to those he feels close to, and might even step in harm's way to help or protect them.

(Potential Spoilers ahead if not up-to-date with comic)

One day, which seemed no different from any other, Nolan went to work, finished for the day and was heading back his hobo-suite, when a glimpse from a silver necklace caught his eye. Soon after that, (and after some strange antics) he found it the two boys were Joel and Aiden. They also said they were twin brothers, which Nolan found hard to believe. He was even more repulsed to hear they were looking for Free city, a Runner's paradise that only existed in fairy tales. After a small conflict, Nolan returned to his workplace and was confronted by his elderly boss, Mr. Brincks. During the scuffle, the man hit a bottle in Nolan's face and tore the skin on his left side. Fortunately, Aiden had stepped in just before the man could deal the finishing blow, and Joel had gone to get help. After the two disappeared, Orianna (Mr. Brinks caretaker) had stepped out to help the bloodied teen. Ignoring the trouble she could get in, she fixed him up and Nolan found that he could have a familial setup with Ori and her partner, Reed. It might be small and secret, but this was an acceptance he was wishing for.

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