Unaccepted (Runner)
  • Sunrises
  • Sweet things/baked goods
  • Joking around
  • Fruit
  • Snakes
  • Blood

A jokester that always tends to look on the brighter side. Joel is always up for a challange and jumps into things (figuratively and litterally) without thinking. He's closed-off to newcomers and his first instinct is to push the other's buttons. But he's doggedly loyal to his friends. Brave, sometimes to the point where it crosses the line into stupidity. He is extremely close to his twin brother, Aiden, and cherishes him, even if it doesn't seem like it on the outside.

(Potential Spoilers ahead if not up-to-date with comic)

Joel spent his entire life living in a small town, along with his twin, Aiden. They survived day by day by doing odd jobs for the Legion but had a nagging memory in the back of their heads from the past. The twin's educator during their Scholarship, Zani, had told them to go look for a place where Runners were free from the Protocol, a place called 'Free City'. But Joel refused for years to go, thinking that it would be safer to stay in one place. One night, the twins share a dream and Joel realized that instead of helping his brother, he was denying the one thing he wanted to do, making them drift apart. The two animals that appeared in their dream, a white lion and a black wolf, helped them decide to go find this mythical place. When they woke up, Joel still had his doubts, especially after seeing the way his brother's personality shifted to something else in their dream. However, he agreed, seeing as it would be better to be free than Unaccepted and the two set off.

After an incident with another Runner in the area, Nolan, Joel did something where he might be under the Guard's radar. Joel and Aiden went to their educator's grave for a final farewell before setting off into the forest, leaving their town behind. After three days of failing at basic survival, the twins both get trapped and are saved by the trapster, a man named Dylan. He offers to give them food and shelter. With persuasion from Aiden, the brothers asked Dylan if he could re-teach them in basic survival, since he seemed to know what he was doing. The man agreed and training would start the next day. That morning, Dylan found Joel sitting outside, watching the sunset. He joined him and Joel found out that Dylan was able to tell whether people are lying by just looking in their eyes as they spoke, a power that Joel tested and proved. But he twin ended up revealing why he and Aiden were out here; to look for Free City. Dylan didn't tease about it and seemed fine with their goal.

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