Unaccepted (Runner)
  • Animals
  • Cool weather
  • Company
  • Loud, sudden noises
  • Liars
  • Pinches

A warm-hearted man that his been living in the wilderness on his own for years. Dylan comes off as strange most of the time, since it's hard to tell what his true intentions are. From expression alone, it is hard to tell what he's thinking or what he might do. However, he thinks fast and acts as a leader-figure. His strangest feature is his snow-white hair.

(Potential Spoilers ahead if not up-to-date with comic)

One day, Dylan was in the forest when he heard someone scream for help. Rushing to their rescue, Dylan saved a boy named Aiden from drowning in one of his animal traps. Having determined that neither this boy, or his brother, Joel, were any danger, he offered them a place to rest and food to eat. After what seemed like a nice dinner and conversation, the twins asked Dylan if he could teach them survival. He warned them that it wouldn't be easy, but agreed. The next morning, Dylan found the one kid, Joel, watching the sunset and found out that these brothers were looking for Free City. He didn't mock their choice and even revealed a secret of his own. By looking at a person's eyes as they spoke, Dylan could tell whether they were truthful or not. An ability he's had for as long as he can remember.

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