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WS, Life and a hiatus

Hey peeps! ^____^

Just a quick update as you guys may have noticed the alarming lack of updates recently so I thought i'd just give you wonderful people a quick update.

Recently life has gotten in the way of my updating the comic with new and exciting pages in this chapter. This new year has brought with it some interesting developments but not always the welcome kind.


Due to this, regular updates of the comic will be interrupted indefintely until I can get back to posting.

Welcome to the new website!

Hello everyone~!

Welcome to the new site! \^w^/

(Please give this a read before you go off exploring C;)

When I'm MIA - quick update


So for those wondering where I've been, there are a bunch of reasons for that. Freezing cold, awkward moments with 'housemates', power outages, broken cables and such. But mainly I was sick...again. Nasua, tiredness, back aches, broken intenal clock, yadda yadda. Went to the doctor a bunch of times and it's all sloooowly being fixed...? Ugh, doctors in this tiny town. -_-

ANYWAY! Apologies to my commissioners and to the dear comic readers. Thank you for being patient~~~

Later, dudes!

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